Scientific for Engineering &Trading Co. (SETCO) was established in 2000

History of Scientific for Engineering & Trading Co. (SETCO)

Scientific for Engineering &Trading Co. (SETCO) was established in 2000 at 10th of Ramadan City to be closer to its customers in the industrial zone to supply them with industrial equipment and industrial raw materials. Also, to provide our clients not only with the technical services, but also with the scientific and engineering consultancies.

In 2008, SETCO opened a new branch in Heliopolis, Cairo,and the head office was transferred there to extend our national and international activities.

Agencies that work with us

SETCO provides activities that start with study, consultation & design and end with offering full solutions in a wide number of fields

Heat transfer systems

For more than eighteen years, SETCO has provided

complete solutions in the field of heat exchange systems to its clients in various industries.


Anti-corrosion Systems

SETCO provides a very important, unprecedented solution

forthe various industries in Egypt that suffer from major problems with the corrosion of their equipment.


Filtration systems

Since 2006, SETCO providesa various sizes of sieves and

filters for continuous centrifuges used in sugar manufacture and made of electrically precipitated nickel.



Within the framework of SETCO’s commitment to provide excellent service

to its customersto carry out the requirements of maintenance


Industrial raw materials

In accordance with the policy adopted by SETCO towards its customers to provide

some important industrial raw materials that are not locally produced


Our Agentcies