In the field of Filtration and Centrifugal Systems

  • Since 2006, SETCO has offered electroforming Nickel sugar sieves to various sugar factories, in cooperation with its agencies, Veco France Company, one of the leading companies in supplying various sizes of sieves and filters for continuous centrifuges used in sugar manufacture and made of electrically precipitated nickel. These electroforming Nickel sugar sieves are characterized by their unique specifications that distinguish them from other competitors, because they catch more sugar crystals that escape to molasses. Hence, they contribute to raising the efficiency of production units and consequently contribute to increasing daily production rates. Another reason is their durability of operation for a longer period, which helps reduce the cost of production


In addition, SETCO, in cooperation with its agencies, Veco France Company, provides the different perforated plates, covering different sectors of industries such as sugar and paper factories, etc., and with the required specifications, in terms of sizes and the perforation system of stainless steel, copper, or various minerals according to the needs of each client.

It also provides high-precision metal parts used in the following industries:

  • Electronics Industries
  • Medical Industries
  • Defense Industries
  • Cars Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Petroleum Industries
  • Plastic Industries
  • Air navigation Industries
  • Security Industries


In the field of filtration systems, SETCO supplies the wire mesh in various types, which are made of different metals and with the required sizes and lengths, according to the needs of its customers in various industries.