In the field of heat transfer systems

For more than eighteen years, SETCO has provided complete solutions in the field of heat exchange systems to its clients in various industries, in cooperation with its client, Sondex Denmark Company. SETCO provides the necessary designs of different heat exchangers that are suitable with each industry, its production capacity and the operating conditions of each factory, such as pressure and different temperatures, etc. It provides the appropriate types of plate heat exchangers, whether single or multi-track, welded, half welded, spiral heat exchangers, and others, which consider the nature of the industry if it is food such as various sugar, juices, dairy, oils, soaps and fermentation industries, or chemical industries such as solvents, salts, and fertilizers, as well as petroleum industries, electrical and gas industries, air conditioning, and refrigeration.


In the field of industries that use, in their production lines, fiercer industrial raw materials that cause equipment corrosion, such as acids, solvents, etc., and are exposed to high temperatures in which steam or other factors are used, SETCO, in cooperation with its agencies, Mersen France Company, provided other solutions to withstand the harsh conditions of the various operating stages. It provided graphite heaters, graphite connections, etc. It supplied graphite heaters to one of the Egyptian Sugar and Integrated Industries Company factories, with unique designs. It also supplied the necessary spare parts.


Moreover, SETCO, in cooperation with its agencies, Mersen France Company, can provide heaters and necessary equipment made of anti-corrosion tantalum.


According to SETCO’s commitment to its customers to provide the highest service, it remains in constant contact with them to follow the supplied equipment and provide technical consultancies and possible maintenance work. It also provides a unique service that is not provided by many design companies. This service is providing them with designs, calculations, full drawings and quality certificates for the supplied equipment, and even for the materials of the equipment for external suppliers.