In the field of Anticorrosion Systems

SETCO has provided a very important, internationally unprecedented solution for the Egyptian Sugar and Integrated Industries Company, one of the largest Egyptian and international companies and one of our biggest customers over more than eighteen years. One of its factories, chemical factories in El-Hawamdia , has suffered, for more than fifty years in one of its only production units in Egypt, specialized in the production of solvents such as ethyl acetate and butyl acetate, from many problems in the main column of reaction because of the erosion of the main parts due to the materials involved in the reaction.  This problem led to frequent stops to perform maintenance work, such as welding or replacing damaged parts within short time intervals, despite the company’s development processes to replace these parts with other parts made of metals with a higher resistance to corrosion. Such problem has prevented the company from using the unit in adding new products, like diethyl ether, which Egypt needs and imports from abroad, although the company has its production technology. Yet, the materials involved in its production are fiercer, even for the most anti-corrosion metals that stand at most for no more than two days of operation.

In 2014, SETCO provided the solution, in cooperation with their  agencies, Mersen France Company, as it offered to manufacture the main parts of the reaction column, in contact with the materials used in the production, from iron lined with anti-corrosive Teflon. SETCO presented initial technical demonstrations, especially with large diameters of up to 1200 mm and with reducers and feeding holes and various measuring devices and others as glass indicatorfor level of the liquid..etc.


In 2015, the final designs and executive drawings of the main parts of the reaction column were presented. Manufacturing started, as the supply, installation and operation were carried out in the same year and they operate with high efficiency up till now.


It was a major shift as these parts, with their large sizes and precise details, were manufactured for the first time globally and specifically for the Egyptian Sugar and Integrated Industries Company, through which they were able to produce important solvents for the industry, that could not be produced previously under the same harsh conditions of chemical reactions.


In 2016, SETCO presented another solution to complement the above by offering to replace the feeding line for the main reaction column and the transporter for the reaction materials by designing a new line of pipes and fittings, elbows, tees, etc. , made of iron lined with anti-corrosive Teflon PTFE/PFA. The new feeding line was already manufactured, supplied and installed to end the suffering caused by the old line.


This important technology presented by SETCO, in cooperation with theiragencies , Mersen France Company, to the Egyptian Sugar and Integrated Industries Company, is a major shift serving the various industries in Egypt that suffer from major problems with the corrosion of their equipment, especially factories producing acids, solvents, salts, fertilizers, paints and various chemical industries.